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Ski Boots

Private Lessons

iScape provides professional private skiing lessons, tailoring a teaching plan specifically for you.

Whether you are a beginner or a skiing enthusiast looking to improve your skills, our private lessons will meet your needs.

Hourly Plan (Starts from 2hr)

Lesson Type
Level One
Level Two
Level Three

1. The prices listed above are for individual club members. Non-members will be charged an additional $10 per lesson.

2.There is a surcharge of $15 per hour for lessons at Blue Mountain.

3. If a student insists on taking only a one-hour lesson, there will be an additional charge of $15. The club reserves the right not to provide lessons in such cases.

Skiing Downhill

Package (10 hrs in total)

Lesson Type
Level One
Level Two
Level Three


  1. For 1:2 lessons, both students must be club members.

  2. In 1:2 lessons, if one student needs to make adjustments, it is the responsibility of the students to communicate with each other and with the instructor regarding the class schedule. The club is not responsible for this.

  3. In case of special circumstances, lessons can be transferred to other club members.

Registration and Payment:

  1. Please click here to fill out and submit the student information form.

  2. Click here to contact our official WeChat customer service, and they will assist you in scheduling your courses.

  3. Email Transfer (EMT) to Please ensure that the email address used for EMT matches the one provided in the student information form.


  1. Cancellation or rescheduling is free up to 3 days before the start of the class, with a 100% refund.

  2. Cancellation or rescheduling within 3 days but at least 24 hours before the start of the class results in a 50% deduction when refund.

  3. Cancellation or rescheduling within 24 hours before the start of the class will be no refund.

  4. A 100% refund is provided with a doctor's certificate.

  5. Transfers are allowed with a notice of at least 2 hours before the start of the class.

  6. In case of class cancellations by the iScape club due to weather or ski resort conditions, we will reschedule or provide refunds based on different circumstances.

Ski Slope
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